Goats' Milk Soap


...this is a lovely, soft handmade Goats' Milk soap and a little goes a long way if you keep it as dry as possible. Suitable for all skin types, this soap is not scented and gentle enough to be used on your face as well as body. Not tested on animals.

  • free from SLS and parabens
  • no colourants  
  • not tested on animals

Why Goats' Milk? 

Goats' Milk is said to be great for skin prone to eczema and psoriasis as its a softer creamy soap, has the ideal PH of skin and is naturally high in vitamin A.

Handmade in Norfolk


Sodium palmkernelate, aqua, goats’ milk, sodium chloride, vegetable glycerine, titanium dioxide.


Ingredients information:
Titanium Dioxide is a white mineral pigment that is found in nature in the form of minerals. Mainly used in the soap industry, but also for cosmetics, sunscreen etc. It lightens the colour of the soap making it look more crisp and solid.




Made locally for The Norfolk Stillroom by Perfect Scents at NR17 

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