Thyme Essential Oil 10ml

Thyme Essential Oil 10ml


...fresh, herbaceous, almost medicinal aroma. Thyme is antibacterial and antiviral. There are several varieties of Thyme but this one (Thymus vulgaris) is more potent as it contains more thymol therefore making it a stronger antibacterial and antiviral oil and should be used with caution.


-add a few drops in water for an Oil Burner
-add 1 drop per 90ml carrier oil (or not more than 1.3%)


As with all essential oils we recommend not using during pregnancy
Use with EXTREME caution
using in a bath
Keep away from children
Do not apply undiluted to the skin

Country of Origin

Latin name
Thymus vulgaris

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Use a couple of drops of Thyme Essential oil in our Oil Burners to delicately scent and freshen the room.