What is a Stillroom?

Imagine that you are back in the 17th/18th Century when the hub of the house was the Stillroom. It was often a separate building but later on became part of the house.

This was where the stillroom maid or the lady of the house would prepare herbs, flowers, fruit and sweetmeats to use within the home. They would dry and powder herbs for medicines and ointments, distil waters and essential oils for perfumes, cosmetics and soaps. Make tinctures and salves and preserve fruit by making jams, chutneys and jellies.

Here at the Norfolk Stillroom we’re striving to bring back a bit of that era by using quality herbs, spices and essential oils in our products that were used centuries ago and that were recognised for their effectiveness.

By using the knowledge of our forefathers, we aim to bring you natural products made in the same traditional way.